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Course is currently Open

Monday 12th April The golf course is fully open with Trolleys and ride on buggies in use. The Driving range is open. Please observe at all times our Covid guidelines that we have in place for yours and everyone's safety and enjoyment. The Balcony will be open from midday for refreshments.

12.04.2021 08:33

  • Competition Rules

    1. All competitions shall be governed by the rules of golf.

    2. Only members with current handicaps may play in competitions, unless expressly stated otherwise.

    3(a) Unless otherwise stated, each member may sign in up to three names (own included if applicable) on any non K.O. competition sheet posted. Members making the entry will also be required to insert their own name alongside. Any member included in the draw and not turning up for a predefined tee-time, without having completed the withdrawal sheet before the day of the event or having given 24 hours notice of intent to either the Starter, Secretary or any Committee Member, will for the first offence: be barred from ENTERING the NEXT TWO (2) COMPETITIONS, excluding Match Play Competitions but including the Winter and Summer Eclectic and Stableford. For the next offence of a similar nature within a 3 month period, the Member’s handicap will be suspended for a period of 3 months from the date of the offence.

    3(b) It is equally the responsibility of the member signing in any other member(s) to ensure that rule 3(a) is adhered to. As it will be deemed that by entering the names on the sheet they are acting on behalf of the member concerned and may also be penalised as defined in rule 3(a).

    3(c) Any member so penalised under rule 3(a) or 3(b) will have the right of appeal to the committee, which in the first instance, must be in writing addressed to the Secretary within seven (7) days of the offence.

    3(d) Members must report in person to the STARTER at least 10 minutes before their allotted TEE-TIME, unless otherwise stated. Failure to do so will incur a two (2) stroke penalty. Players not reporting in person to the STARTER at least 5 minutes before the allotted TEE-TIME, will render the slot open and this will be made available to any member who may be standing by as a reserve.

    3(e) Entry as a Reserve on the draw sheet is only valid up to the eve of day of play, the inclusion of Reserves on the day of play will be on a first come first served basis. Four Balls will not be allowed out in Competitions where the draw is of a three or two ball nature, however the Starter has discretionary powers to allow such a situation if in his or her view such action should not cause a problem to any other competitor.

    4 For all competitions where a starter is not present the Competition Entry Sheet MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE PLAY BEGINS. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

    5 On week-end competitions held over two days THE FIRST TIME THE COURSE IS PLAYED ON THAT WEEKEND will be the card entered for said competition. Competitors will not be allowed to play the course then enter the competition the following day as the flag positions will not be changed over the weekend.

    6 All competitions shall be played from the Tees, as stated in the Competitions section or Entry Sheet

    7 Competitions will be over eighteen holes unless specifically stated otherwise.


    8(a) In the event of a tie over eighteen holes the result will be based on count back over the back nine, six, three, or last holes with the appropriate proportion of handicap applied where necessary. If a count back does not produce a clear result, then a tie will be announced, except for the following; CLUB SCRATCH, HANDICAP AND VETERANS’ CHAMPIONSHIPS, BISHOPSWOOD SALVER & BISHOPSWOOD BOGEY competitions.

    8(b) Club Scratch, Handicap and Veterans’ Championships: if after the final round an outright winner does not emerge, a play-off will take place within 15 minutes of the last player finishing their round over the 1st, 2nd & 9th holes, after which, if an outright winner does not emerge a sudden death play off over the same holes will be played.

    8(c) Bishopswood Salver and Bishopswood Bogey: if after applying a count back an outright winner is not apparent, a play off over nine holes will take place for the players involved.

    9 A provisional list of scores will be posted as soon as possible after the competition closes. Any complaints must be submitted in writing, within forty eight hours of the scores being posted, after which no complaint will be considered.

    10 It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that the gross Scores and handicap are entered on their card and are Correct. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.


    11 All matches to be played over eighteen holes unless otherwise stated.

    12 In the event of a match being all square after eighteen holes, a result must be obtained by sudden death, handicap allowance to continue.

    13(a) It is the responsibility of both sides to ensure the match is arranged and played by the due date.
    Any difficulties in contacting an opponent or failure of an opponent to respond to offered dates should be reported to the Competitions Secretary as soon as possible.
    13(b) Matches must be completed by or on the date stipulated as the closing date. Extensions will be allowed only in exceptional circumstances. The date arranged for a match should be recorded on the draw sheet or advised to the Competitions Secretary.
    13(c) If the match is not played by the date stipulated then both sides will be eliminated from the competition. Alternatively, the players may decide between themselves who will progress to the next round.
    13(d) In all cases, the name(s) of the players(s) progressing to the next round must be entered on the relevant competition sheet before or on the due date. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
    13(e) Members should ensure that the contact details, held by the Secretary, are at all times current.
    13(f) Any disputes should be referred to the Competitions Secretary whose decision is final.