Captain Gary

Hi everyone,
It’s great to see lots of you back out on the course albeit under these very strange social distancing rule that are totally alien to us all, as we are about to move to the next stage where we are allowed back on the balcony to partake in a beverage after golf (Hooray), more new rules to abide by! but it’s absolutely imperative that we do so, you all know, at Bishopswood you are never far from going back into the woods. My first 9 holes was with Mr Secretary, worth a mention as it the first and last time I will beat him off scratch (he won’t be talking you through that round!). Very novel having the cups inverted, will we ever take the flag out again? Dam right I will, I’m sure that bevel on the flag was once part of a pinball machine ahhhhh!

The Shoutouts:
Kevin, Steve, Lee & Pete, most will never know how much hard work you’ve put in to get us back out there and the course is fantastic. I applaud you.

Our Secretary Kevin Fleet for the work he has done behind the scenes during lockdown, Stirling job.

Our Junior organiser Roy Darch who’s IT skills have been a massive help, setting up our members and partners Facebook page, this turned out to be a godsend during lockdown and was an endless source of amusement, lovely photos and banter. Well done to all of you who contributed to the site, I know Dee and myself had a good laugh with the Friday Cheers (I must try and get some of those videos on the web page). Additionally, Roy setup the JustGiving page for my charity St Michael’s hospice with donations currently at £1,385.00 + £325.00 in gift aid, they are extremely grateful for your support during these difficult times and I’m overwhelmed by your generosity. He did not stop giving and put together the Bishopswood Bugle newsletter.

The Committee, we almost managed to get to grips with technology, meetings held online via Microsoft Team (great tool) although Malcom B was upside down or sideways and Nick L lives on a beach with palm trees. Crazy times but it kept us talking and thinking of Bishopswood and you the members.

A quick well done to the Seniors, who were the first group to get to grips with the new rules and devised new ways to hold their roll-up’s, I’ve seen the scores they have been returning? Be warned, they will take your money quicker than a second-hand car salesman! Seriously guys hats off to you. I appreciate you have done a good job with pace of play but Norman will be back soon and there must be thousands of balls out there, I’m sure he will have some sort of ball sterilising unit wired to his trolly (we are missing you Norm). And finally, we are working hard to devise ways to bring you some enjoyable golfing events, so hopefully we will be issuing more news soon.

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