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Monday 12th April The golf course is fully open with Trolleys and ride on buggies in use. The Driving range is open. Please observe at all times our Covid guidelines that we have in place for yours and everyone's safety and enjoyment. The Balcony will be open from midday for refreshments.

12.04.2021 08:33

  • Captain's waffle

    bigpicHi Everyone
    Smithy Waffle time

    I am of course fully masked as I write this.
    Lockdown, Dry January and on a diet. Oh Joy!
    Lost 7 pounds. Looked down the settee but cannot find it anywhere!
    Despite what the Mrs. says I do not think lockdown is affecting me!
    Seems a long time ago. Hope you watched all the YouTube speeches. If not look up AGM on the web site and solve all your sleep deprivation problems.
    Men’s Matches
    Had an email from Mapledurham GC a few days ago to confirm they are still up for the men’s match on the 4th of April. Yes, I know its Easter Sunday but if they are keen to play, so am I. Anyway, I will be 70 the day after so, if there is any chance, we are able to play, then I am well up for it. Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me………………………
    However, I do not want to be alone, so if you want to join me to celebrate and play the match then please email me on I need six pairs.
    Talking of matches. There are 12 men’s matches left this year. The first one in March got cancelled understandably but you never know this one on the 4th might just be ok. Fingers XXXXX.
    Even if you cannot play this one, I thought it would be great to have a list of guys who will from time to time play these home and away fixtures. For those younger than me may I remind you there is no jacket and tie any more. Often, we start with a breakfast or brunch before going into battle, so the match is a little shorter in time. So, Steve, Chris, Kerry, and all you under 35-year-olds get you name down so I can pick you for some matches this season. Just email me and I will add you to the mailing list for men’s matches.
    Look forward to the rest of you oldies responding as well. That includes you Brickie!
    Match of the Year
    Can I put you all on notice that I will need to big team to play on Saturday 29th May at Sandford Springs Golf Club? Chrissy Wilkins, their Captain, has challenged me to bring a minimum of 8 pairs, maximum of 12 pairs to play his mainly ex Bishopswood players. We have got to go for the big number and make it a bit of a Bishopswood party. Be great to win and crow on their turf!
    As committee members have been stuck at home, we have been working on a Women’s Charter. The aim is to get more females into golf. In addition, we are also working towards accreditation for Safe Golf which in effect is a health and safety policy for all members of the club. Both initiatives are driven by England Golf and something the club committee felt we should embrace.

    Smithy advert…………Once we come out of lockdown what better way to get exercise and fresh air and be safe than play a bit of golf. GET YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES INVOLVED you know it makes sense.
    All the winter competitions have been cancelled, which was a shame, but there will be plenty of competitions during spring and summer, plus fun golf as well. This is all being planned in the background as you would expect.
    Do not think I will play golf today. Might stay at home instead?
    Stay safe, get jabbed and see you all soon.
    Your Captain